Torah Broadcasting Network is sharing Yahoshua’s love through praise, worship and the teaching of his Word in its original Hebraic content. We broadcast in Hebrew, English and Spanish - seeking to bless the Body of Messiah in Israel and around the world, to teach truth about Israel's place in YHWH's plan and the Hebrew roots of our faith.

The giver of YHWH’s Torah is the best person to interpret and reveal its innermost secrets. Remember that according to the book of Yochanon/John chapter 1, it states that “all things were created by Him and for Him” and clearly is pointing to Mashiach.

Now that we have established that earth was created by YHWH's Davar "Word=Yahoshua" then we have to agree that He is also the creator of the Rules of Law "Torah" which we are governed by.

The misrepresentation of these Rules of Law "Torah" have caused a great deal of confusion to those who are really trying to bridge over from mainstream religion and becoming true Torah observers.

Here at TBN (K), we are not claiming to be the authority in the knowledge of His undisputed word, but we are trying our very best to dig deep in order to find the lost treasures of our founding fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

The five books Moses, and the books of the prophets have gone through a great deal of scrutiny, yet many feel the responsibility to adapt to their modern day preconceived ideals which tear away from its true and fundamental values.

Or goal is to empower and capacitate our listeners to examine Torah VERY CARFULLY, without leaving out even the smallest detail that many may find meaningless.

As far as music is concerned, some of the music lyrics shared by the different recording artists may not relect or completely represent our views, but they are still the body of Messiah growing and maturing at each individual's pace, yet most of the music represents our style of origin.

Micha'el Ben Levi